He hauled the heavy luggage all the way to the grayish taxi. It was late in the evening and the sun was slowly setting so the warmth of the day was shyly fading away. The taxi driver was a heavy man with an animate belly. He seemed lazy but kind. He slowly walked over to the boy and helped him put his baggage in the trunk of the car, then he slowly open his door and sat down loudly behind the wheels. Donnie took a deep breath and looked at his family standing in front of the somber house. There were no emotions in his face; he waived at them, and climbed the taxi without waiting for a response. He politely sat in the car as he would in a classroom, his hands joint on his laps.

The engine hesitantly started and the car jerked as it started moving. The twelve year old sat still and silently for a while as if repeating to himself not to look back, but a single tear felt from his left eye. He made a sudden move, climbed on the seat and stood on his knees as he looked backwards. The driver glanced at him, but retired to the ongoing traffic.

The yellow lines followed one another as if to point to where he came from. He saw his house waiving at him, he saw his bed running after the old car trying to catch up. He saw his best friend through the right window skateboarding along side the cab and wondered how he was able to keep up. He saw a never ending pool on the left window and his sisters swimming in it. He grabbed his head and told himself to stop. Stop! He urged.

-what here? asked the confused driver

-no, no…not you!

The driver looked at the boy through the rearview mirror. Donnie still had his hands on his head; he was struggling, fighting himself. He gave in once more and looked at the back window. He saw Elisa blowing his first kiss at him; he saw the dogs chasing after it; He saw his grand parents calling them out. He saw summer intermingling with winter; he saw an empty tree on Christmas. He saw the spots where he used to play hide and go seek. He saw coconut trees; he saw the sparkling blue ocean, and the smell filled the worn out taxi. He saw the rain chasing after the taxi; he saw his dad running for cover, and his mom yelling to close the curtains. He saw…he jerked frantically when he a heard a voice behind him.

-…I said, you must really miss them, don’t you? Repeated the driver

The boy hesitates as if to fully understand the question, then he bowed his head and chose not to answer. The driver glanced at him and said nothing.

The taxi slowly but surely made its way through the busy evening traffic. The sun had set and the city lit up. The boy stared blankly at the floor. He thought to himself that he won’t look back anymore, that he’ll forget about the past and focus on the future. So he lifted his head, looked through the windshield and saw…nothing! A shiver ran through his whole body and he froze.



  1. hi.Bloo..this is so very hard ,leaving all you love behind you..it is heartfelt and deep..waving the past and hugging the Future..but in the end the Sun will shine:) C

    • blue3rain Said:

      Thank you CC! I don’t want to be married to the past anymore 🙂

  2. littlestmonkey Said:

    Wow…..this is so moving, and painted so brilliantly….thanks for pointing me here….I feel this pain…..why don’t you post this on the Bubble, it’s exceptional…Maureen:))

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