The dispenser!

In Ronia life is quite different then ours. In fact, the inhabitants are all made of glass and have a particular bubbly shape. There are filled with a red liquid which could clearly be seen through their transparent body. It had been raining lately, a faint yet lingering rain; the type that gives the worst cold. It was a somber day, and despite the rain no one was in a rush to get home. They walked slowly like zombies in an old flick. They walked passed each other on the sidewalk, all with the same worn and sad face.

But on that day Toodles didn’t feel like the others, he was in a hurry. He wanted to go home to his lover, to her warmth. He made his way through the crowd of monotony as fast as he could. He hated being away from home on those blue days; he would rather spend it cuddling with his other half, but duty called and he had to go to work. He was lost in thoughts, so much that he accidently bumped into a rather grumpy and hideous character.

 He immediately apologized frenetically as he reached to make sure that his “victim” was alright, but instead the Ronian violently grabbed him and pushed him on the floor. He mounted him and started punching him as hard as he could. A crowed formed around them as they watched him get brutalized. He was screaming for help, but no one dared interfere with the ferocious brute that kept on slamming his fist on his round shaped head. Suddenly there was a commotion in the crow, and two large law enforcers made their way through the thick gathering. They were appalled by the fact that no one tried to stop the fighting. So they pushed some on the ground when they felt it was necessary to quickly stop the brutality, but when they got to the scene, they froze. An expression of horror lit up their faces.

Toddles laid their motionless, his eyes and mouth wide open as if Death surprised him. His face was cracked and the red liquid had spilled on the floor. The liquid made its way slithering through the brownish soil. When it reached a second layer it had lost its color. The sand like soil separated the impurity from the liquid as it flowed silently through. After one last layer, the liquid was transformed into pure water and fell in a huge container of water. The container resembled a huge transparent fish tank.

 A huge red hand grabbed a glass and pushed it against a lever placed at the bottom on the exterior of the tank, then water pour out of an attached water spout and into the glass. The red giant creature drank the whole glass of water in one big gulp. He had long horns and a pointy tail. He laid back in his throne and let out a resonant and terrifying laugh



  1. anonimust Said:

    Reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut’s imagination 😀

    • blue3rain Said:

      ha ha “so it goes!”

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