my stomach has a story

My stomach has a story,

He’s shy, so he tickles my spine,

He tried, but he finally resigned

To his fate;

It’s too late.

My feet have a story to tell;

They walked on the sun.

They’re short so they always run.

My heart has a story to tell.

It pumps bitterness all through my veins.

And fear as it tied up with chains.

And my eyes, well why do I see

If Misery is reality?

I cry just to quench my thirst,

And my mouth has a story

But if it opens then air comes in first,

And my stomach pops,

And my heart stops.

My stomach has a story to tell

You’d cry if you ever felt it

But it’s scenic so it’s probably fitted

…Well, I have a story,

I’m shy, so I cuddle with death

I shiver…I can feel his breath

*Dedicated to the children suffering and dying in Darfur. sign the petition


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