personality check

I tend to change the way I act around certain people. When I’m with some friends I act a certain way, I act differently with others, so much that they would describe me completely different then the others. For instance some people might describe me as funny, others as quiet, some as outgoing, and others as shy. The reason is that I tend to appeal to the person with which I’m speaking to. Not a bad thing, but when exaggerate it becomes a case of insecurity. I need to appeal to others while staying true to who I am.



  1. maggie Said:

    I completely get you! Being Mexican-American I have to act one way around family or people of our same culture. You can describe it more along the lines of a comfort zone. You cannot approach a farmer with a suit and tie and try to sell farming tools rather than approach him with what he is comfortable with. Same concept if you walked into a fortune five hundred company wearing flip flops and shorts. I know I act based on the environment or people I’m surrounded by. I’m not selling out, I’m respecting the person by not overdoing a personality that would only make them feel out of place and it’s another form of respect.

  2. blue3rain Said:

    I agree with you. You are right when you say that appealing to someone is respecting the person; I guess I was more shock to find how much my personality changes in the process.

  3. angelina ferreira Said:

    everybody has a different personality and it depends on them on how it changes each and every day

    • blue3rain Said:

      absolutely! wouldn’t you agree that it also changes with their environments, whether social or culture?

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