“Come see! Hurry! Come see!” shouted the skinny boy to his friend, panting and puffing, “you have got to see her!” “Who?” said the chubby boy as he hurried behind his friend. “It must have been thirty minutes ago,” he explained, as he kept on walking, “I was just on the swing and there she was. “She was crying, so I decided to ask her what was wrong…”

By the time the two boys got to her at least a dozen people had surrounded her, curious yet amazed at what they were witnessing. To them it was more than just a sunny ordinary day at the park; this strange girl had caught their attention.

She was a heathy yet thin girl, probably around thirteen years old. She was tall for her age. Her straight blond hair covered her face and fell down all the way to her back. She was wearing a baby blue with white flower print dress that barely covered her knees. Her bare toes cringed with pain. She was sitting on the ground, near a grey bench, her head on her knees, and cuddled up on herself. She was crying.

“… I tapped her on the back to get her attention,” resumed the scrawny boy, but she didn’t even lift her head.” “I tried to gently shake her, but she wouldn’t move! I tried again, but she wouldn’t budge! It was as if I was trying to push a brick wall!” “Wow!” exclaimed the heavy boy as he looked towards the strange girl. “So I ran to my dad,” continued the skinny boy, “and told him the story.”

“I knew he wouldn’t believe me, so I dragged him against his will. He wanted to leave her alone, but I insisted. He tried talking to her, but she said nothing. So to prove my point, I put my hands on her shoulder and leaned my body on her so that I can use all of my strength to push her. Nothing happened. My dad was shocked at what I was doing, I could tell. He firmly grabbed me and severely told me to stop, but curiosity had already gotten the better of him. He looked around to make sure that no one was looking and he hesitated. He extended his arms and gently tried to shake the blond girl. He quickly pulled his hands and gasped when he realized that he couldn’t move her.” “She’s unmovable!” concluded the skinny boy, “try for yourself!”


A multitude of unsatisfied eyes gawked at the mysterious girl. One after another, the witnesses approached her to challenge the myth of the unmovable girl only to be left in awe. A mutter rose among them and fluttered as opinions intermingled with shrieks and laughter.

“She’s prolly a robot,” said an old filthy-looking man

“No,” replied the lady next to him, “she feels like a human”

“It’s technology! Don’t you know anything! Well, I’ve seen it all!” said the old man and he walked away.

The crowd grew bigger and bigger as the local news staff was getting ready to broadcast this amazing story. News reporter Tara Biggs spotted a nice young man, overly excited and sweating heavily; she snatched him for a few questions.

“Hi, I’m with the local news, channel 6; I…”

“I have never seen anything like this! She is beyond this world!”

“Tell me, what makes her so remarkable?”

“Ya can’t move her.”


“Ya can’t move her!…We’ve tried everything!”

“What do you mean?”

“My buddy Sean tried to launch himself at her, but he ended up hurting himself.  We even made the biggest human train to try and push her, but…”

A horrible scream ripped through the silent murmur of the crowd. Then a sudden rumbling noise as the crowd spread away from the little girl. As they ran, some tumbled, some clenched to others, some carried others, and others were stepped on. The reason: the girl stood up.

She looked around a bit confused and still sniffling, barely opening her eyes as if her eyelids were too heavy. She wiped her last tears on her sleeve, sniffled, and stared back at them. Everyone was on full alert.

Tara Biggs made her way through the crowd, caught in her own dilemma, her fears or this unique career opportunity. She chose her career. Keeping a safe distant, she screamed at the little girl, “Can you speak at all?”

She nodded her head shyly, still not understanding what was going on around her.

“Why were you crying?” continued the reporter

“Well, she hesitated, my…

“Why can’t you move?” screamed a random voice in the crowd

“I can move!” said the little girl,excitedly, as she took a step forward.

Tara bravely walked all the way up to the little girl as the crowd watched her closely.  As she bent down to her level to talk to her, she put her hand on her shoulder. It was then that she noticed a strange stiffness about the blond girl who looked at her waiting to hear what she was going to say. Instead she turned around to face her camera crew and signaled them with a waive of the hand to come to her. It was as if she was talking to the whole crowd because everyone started walking towards her.

The crowd animated itself around the girl. There were probing questions, there was excitement, but as soon as there was a sense of security, the pushing started anew. The little girl stood still as they tried.

“Good afternoon, everyone. I’m Tara Biggs. It is the 10th of July. I’m standing in Hampston Park, where we may have found the most peculiar girl.

Around 4:30 this afternoon, we received a call at the station about a girl that was described as ‘unmovable’! Yes, that’s right folks, unmovable! We are now…”

The sound of a roaring bulldozer caught the attention of everyone as they kept quiet for a moment. Soon after the mumbling rose again as they came to realize what the old farmer was about to attempt. Once again questions intermingled with opinions, worries, and excitement

“Is he crazy? I think he’s crazy!”

“Do you think it’ll push her…or even kill her?”

“Ha ha ! He brought his bulldozer. Farmer Joe, you son of a gun!”

The crowd parted to let the bulldozer pass. The little girl stood still as the metallic monster came closer and closer.

Some were opposed, but mostly everyone wanted to see the outcome of the girl versus the bulldozer. The setting was that of a faceoff. The strange girl watched as the bulldozer advanced slowly toward her. Only when it was a couple of inches away did she scream, “Stop!”

The heavy tractor came to a full stop with a loud noise and dust filled the air. The blond girl was visibly upset. Warm tears ran down from her green eyes. She waited until the dust had settled then she spoke with a kind of emotion that transcended her age, her being.

“Why can’t a pretty flower be pretty along side of a road? Why should you cut it into a bouquet? Why can’t a majestic lion be majestic in the savanna? Why should he furnish your zoo? Tell me! Why? If it’s SO beautiful should you exploit its essence?”

She cooled down a bit, sniffled, and calmly said, “And… even though I transgress your reality, your laws and your common sense, why can’t I just be… unmovable?



  1. Paula Said:

    This is a jolly good story. It had me filled with curiosity and it built to the point where you just had to know who and what this girl was. Very good. 🙂 xxx

    • blue3rain Said:

      Thank you Paula! I’m really glad you like this. I really need to write another short story 🙂

  2. Littlestmonkey Said:

    I’m with Paula’s comment up above….I had to read to the end, it was compelling….I was tempted to *cheat* and skip to the end…but against all odds, I resisted!
    Extremely interesting….yes you should write some more:))

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