The outcast

He sinks where you rise

He’s wise when he thinks

Would you believe that

There is a jail in heaven

And a heaven in hell

You wouldn’t know that

He dwells within him

It’s a grim story when he fails

He is misunderstood and misunderstands

And he built a bridge with his own hands

It doesn’t hold “good”

So he crossed his heart

And vowed to never cross it

You can’t build with a hatchet

Or attract people with a magnet

He said he could make up the time

If he could go back in time

So he bought the last hour glass

And hoped that it would last

But he laid in the same lies

And lived the same life

So he started crying heavy tears

And tear down his dreams and cried

That the world wasn’t fair

No it wasn’t a fairy tale

Instead it was as plain as his pain

As lame as his aim

For he made the wrong choices

Chose to fly but didn’t make it

He kept his secrets locked in a locket

His identity in his pocket

T’il he lost it

And found out

That he, himself was lost and found

In the darkest time the light shines the brightest

He had found his calling while phoning a friend

Who told him that he could rescue himself

By saving others

That he could hear without listening

But to listen meant to give ear

Said he had a life to live

So he should live life

See life is hard when you don’t have the right people around you

Yea you, the table has turned on you


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