the problem with being alone

We are social beings above all. I have realized that no matter how much we believe that we could do it on our own, we can’t. Some People say “well I don’t care what others say” but, in fact, they do. Some individual need support, encouragements, and compliments to be motivated, some need the exact opposite.

My point is that we can’t make it on our own. Perhaps the best skill one needs to develop in life to be “successful” is “people skills” and the ability to network efficiently. And if you are not that person then cherish the relationship that you already have, the ones that “matter”. There is a warm feeling in knowing that others care, it makes one feel a little less of an outcast.



  1. lena Said:

    Absolutely agree… you cannot survive alone.. you need someone to be there for you, to support you, to care, to appreciate what you are doing. People who say they do not care and are better alone, are lieing to themselves in the first place.

    • blue3rain Said:

      that is exactly right!

  2. Alone or not alone?
    It is a rocky path on both sides,
    thanks for a the look!

    • blue3rain Said:

      agreed! but I would rather not take that path alone

  3. Glenn Gamble Said:

    Independence is an ideal that none of us live up to. I love this post, we need to focus more on interdependence and sharpening our people skills. We all need each other!

    • blue3rain Said:

      we do need each other! And I believe that the quicker we all realize that, the better this world becomes, but this is an ideal.

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