Sex sells, gore sells…Stupid stuff sells?

I stumbled upon an article on written by Daniel Lyons about the popularity of twitter. Let me start of by saying that I don’t completely agree with him on everything. For instance, he said that “The genius of Twitter is that it manages to be even stupider than TV. It’s so stupid that it’s brilliant.” I don’t know what channel this guy watches at home, probably cartoon because TV is as “stupid” as the content the viewer “decides” to watch. One of my favorite channels is the travel channel and let me say that it is anything but stupid. The same goes for Twitter as he himself acknowledges.
The reason why this article caught my attention, however, is that “shift happens”. Shift happens in technology, it happens in trends and interests. I never understood myself the popularity of twitter, but one word alone changed that, “micro blogging.” Here are a couple of reasons why it is the reason twitter is so popular, in my opinion.
I believe that some of the reasons why people don’t blog are because: a. they don’t have the time. B. they can’t or won’t put in the effort to attract traffic. C. They claim that they don’t have a talent for writing. With twitter you don’t need that much time or effort, and you don’t have to be a ‘writer’. You can share whatever information you want in just a couple of lines. That is simply the tip of the iceberg as there are so many other reasons why people are attracted to it.
What I do agree with the author is that stupid does sell. My generation is attracted to the easy and the provocative. Our TV shows are being replaced by reality shows with pointless objectives; just let the ratings tell the story. The same goes with some talk shows, or “gossip shows”. We are redefining entertainment; it is now an activity that requires little use of the brain. Look at YouTube, the videos that get the most views are not always the most instructive.
Companies are realizing that change, and so there is now more and more products out there to help make things increasingly easy; the question is where does it stop? For those who are looking for the next best thing, it probably won’t be your first idea that makes it; it could as well be the one you imagine would have less success. It’s very hard to tell which new product will be an instant trend, but to investors out there who are undecided, one thing is certain, stupid sells.



  1. Love the rant!

  2. lipun4u Said:

    yes buddy..the trend is changing. the blog has severe disadvantage from many sides which the twitter fills up. so it’s more popular than blogger/wordpress !!

  3. Авлов Said:

    Так зачитался, что пропустил бы любимую передачу

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