Eve. And Adam

She was still. Her naked chest rose in quick successions. She felt the heat coming out of her mouth as she exhaled. There was a fire burning inside of her like a volcano of pleasure ready to erupt. She breathe longer and deeper, and swallowed harder. The emotions rose higher, much higher, and overwhelmed. And she wept. Silence is insanity, she swore. She wept. Inside of her, she was alive. Inside of her was a beautiful war.

Her warm fingers ran alone her naked thigh and her body erected in million goosebumps. And prompted another wave of sweet hot tears. She wanted to give in. She was mad. She was furious at herself for even thinking about it all. For being so weak. She loved that feeling. She hated it. Her mouth trembled, as the tears rolled by, and as she looked up to sky begging for intervention. “God!” Her red eyes implied.”Save me!” Instead, she bit her lips to suppress the rising urges. But it felt so good. And it hurt so bad, so she laid back. And opened her legs. And closed her eyes. She crisped her hands into a really hard fist. Damn it all if they were to unclench. And she opened her mouth to let it all out. She let herself dream of things that she shouldn’t. Of a hotter story of a hotter night about a knight that just might… But it didn’t feel right. So she stopped. And sat back up. And she twitched, unsettled, on that spot. She felt invisible hands slithering all over her supple naked body. All over her beautiful mind. It was wrong. She was right. No it’s wrong that she’s right. But the glimmer caught her eyes and reminded her of a promise she once made. A single tear fell on her finger and glided down, all the way to her purity ring. And her body jerked. And down poured those really pretty tears. From those really pretty eyes. Down they went like a downhill train wreck. And she believed like all those other time that reason at finally settle in. That the battle was for yet another miserable day. Or night. But as sanity came slowly crawling back. Just as she reached for her clothes. O! Sir Knight came whistling back. And still the fire burned. Crepitating. Right inside the sexy lines of her sexy stomach.

Just outside her boyfriend sat. Reading a book no one cares to know. He jumped inside when he saw her. She stood there naked and crippled by the intensity of those electrifying sensations that she couldn’t controlled. He looked at his purity ring. And shivered. She felt embarrassed as she looked into his eyes. And she felt invigorated. She felt like a woman. And he needed to know. He felt weak at first. But the fragility of her hips sent a twitching in his fingers. And the turmoil of her emotions erected in him a dormant desire.


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