Twitter challenge day 1: Snowflakes

“Stop! Don’t say that! Don’t you see? You’re making me cry! You want to know why I called you that? Do you?. Fine. Fine!  I’ll tell you. That night you’re father and I got into an argument. He was so angry. It turned ugly fast. We were driving up to my grandma’s house.. And that bastard he… stopped the car right in the middle of freaking nowhere and he said “get out”. It was winter and I was pregnant, for Pete’s sake! He didn’t care. I didn’t know what to do. I…I cried. I begged. It made him angrier. That’s when my water broke. He just wouldn’t listen; damn near pushed me out.

So I sat there alone in my own blood, aside the snowy road, screaming, crying and yelling….and I only stopped when you started.”


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