twitter challenge day 2 : Under control

I slammed the door behind me. She has some nerves! How can two people that once fell so madly in love with each other come to hate one another. I hooked my jacket on the wooden coat rack. The walk from work was a wet 15 minutes. She didn’t know what’s it was like. She had the car. I walked in the kitchen. There were crumbs of bread all over the counter. And she calls me lazy! If I were to do that, it’d be another choir rehearsal. The fridge door was left open. And when I heard the footsteps everything became clear. I wasn’t alone. The gun, I thought, the gun! I ran faster than I knew how. The gun was in it’s case, in the bottom drawer of my night stand. Only… Someone had gotten to it first.



  1. Suzy Said:

    This is good I like the comparison to a choir singing. I want to know more – what happened before & after so that is a sign of a good read 🙂

    • bloorain Said:

      He He thanks.

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