Twitter Challenge day 3: Summer Lilies

Her face is dug in the dirt, her head in between her arms. The back of her neck tightens. She freezes. She warned me earlier about her disease. I hear the thump of my heart before I hear her sobbing. Or was she laughing? Her back rose along with her chest. I couldn’t see her eyes.
I’ve never seen her cry before. She was used to getting hurt. She’s a tomboy, unlike me. The doctor said that her case was rare. It happened so quickly. One minute, she was trying to tickle me, the next, she collapses on the ground. I kneel next to her. Her body jerks. I rap on her back, chopping away at her illness just as she instructed me. I started worrying.

Suddenly, she slightly raises her head and peeks.

“I knew it!  She was laughing.”



  1. Suzy Said:

    Ooooo that’s different – is it about CF? Well done. This is fun 🙂

    • bloorain Said:

      she doesn’t have any real disease. She had been lying to her friend. You’re right this is fun, even tho I find myself starring at the screen for a while trying to figure out what to write lol

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