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Men vs Man


Once there was a man with an idea
He didn’t know what to do with that idea

Then came a man who had a plan.
He didn’t know how to go about that plan.

Then came a man who could implement.
He didn’t know how to supervise others.

Then came a man who could supervise.
He didn’t know how to build.

then came a man who knew how to build.
he couldn’t build it all by himself.

Then came more men that could build,
And they worked until they were done.

When the idea materialized,
They were happy.

Then came a man who didn’t have any ideas;
He couldn’t plan. He couldn’t implement, nor supervise, nor build.

Out of anger, and on his own,
He destroyed the the building, and the dreams of the other men,

But he gave birth to the notion
That it’s easier to destroy than to build.





The following post is preview of a short story that I’m working on. I am really excited to write it even tho I know it will take me a while. But I am trying something new with this. Instead of just writing it down, I am taking an active role as the character and recording what I say then writing it down so that it would sound more natural. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep doing it, but i like that method. This part was actually “written” that way. What do you think?

you either don’t know how to succeed, or you choose not to succeed!

the problem with being alone

We are social beings above all. I have realized that no matter how much we believe that we could do it on our own, we can’t. Some People say “well I don’t care what others say” but, in fact, they do. Some individual need support, encouragements, and compliments to be motivated, some need the exact opposite.

My point is that we can’t make it on our own. Perhaps the best skill one needs to develop in life to be “successful” is “people skills” and the ability to network efficiently. And if you are not that person then cherish the relationship that you already have, the ones that “matter”. There is a warm feeling in knowing that others care, it makes one feel a little less of an outcast.

The most beautiful…

I was searching for poems online and I found what I thought was one of the best poem ever. The funny thing is that, the title of the poem was quite similar. Anyway, I tried to go back and find it, but I never could. So finally, I decided I was going to write the same idea, the same poem, but in my own words. What I really like about this poem is how the author expressed a powerful feeling of “love” while keeping it simple. Again, my version is not near as good as the original, but it maintains the general idea. enjoy!