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Social Network

Gosh! I really hate facebook! Did I just say that out loud?  You know, actually, I can say that because I have two facebook accounts. Yea, so I have the right by association. Kinda like Jared from subway calling a fat person…… well… fat! and then in a non-apologetic apologetic way follows it by saying “I was fat once”. And he is totally excused. So I reinstate. I really, really hate facebook!
I just don’t like social networks at all. To me they are *thinks hard* Exaggerated Social Realities. At least it’s true in my case. It’s really a constant reminder of how sucky your life is. Yes I said sucky. So you find yourself trying to come up with something cool that happened during your day. And in doing so you may…not saying that I did, but you may have accidentally bumped into your sister in the morning on the way to the bathroom, and post on facebook that, I don’t know, you got into a physical confrontation with  her. And you somehow pray that your own sister find you cool enough to check your postings so that you can start a meaningful argument on the net. And people would think cool things about you, like “ Oooh, they are so dysfunctional!”. You know stuff like that.
Twitter is the worse of them all. I also have two twitter accounts, just so you know. It’s just so much pressure. And it’s not even peer pressure. Just random people that you’ve never met pressure. But for some reason, on some random day, you  find yourself very constipated in the bathroom, and while you’re not sure whether or not you will make it out alive from this………….shit, you…umm…, you’re thinking really hard whether this is one of those events in your life you should tweet about!



the following poem is an extract from a short story that I wrote

personality check

I tend to change the way I act around certain people. When I’m with some friends I act a certain way, I act differently with others, so much that they would describe me completely different then the others. For instance some people might describe me as funny, others as quiet, some as outgoing, and others as shy. The reason is that I tend to appeal to the person with which I’m speaking to. Not a bad thing, but when exaggerate it becomes a case of insecurity. I need to appeal to others while staying true to who I am.

sad story….our own!

Every time I watch the news, it’s yet another tragic story, another fatal accident. It begs the question, when will we realize just how fragile we are? Instead, it seems that we live by a daring rule that says ‘the riskier the better’. Most disturbing is that people kill each other over the stupidest thing. It’s almost as if we are plagued by a wicked illness, almost as if we don’t have any choice or control, as if we were part of a big sick twisted scheme!