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The Caterpillar and The Butterfly

On the outskirts of braveness lays fear
that audacity and stupidity veneer

So lays the caterpillar on the brink of despair
his paradigm shifted in a world he thought fair
when they took his love away,
stop……..hear the violin play

they took her a millions stories afar,
so he solemnly declared war

hearts beat faster then reason
swords yearn for treason
and even evil didn’t deserve his wrath
blood trails and screams filled his path

he fought for her; he killed them all
but where death stands, there’s no man too tall
no cause too great, if it starts it ends
time kills what it mends

the wounds that sparkled his fury
are the same that induced him slowly
in a world far away
beyond the reach of the gods she’ll pray

in her arms, his life dwindles away
Butterfly, he manages to say,
I’ve done all of this… so you can fly away”