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twitter challenge day 2 : Under control

I slammed the door behind me. She has some nerves! How can two people that once fell so madly in love with each other come to hate one another. I hooked my jacket on the wooden coat rack. The walk from work was a wet 15 minutes. She didn’t know what’s it was like. She had the car. I walked in the kitchen. There were crumbs of bread all over the counter. And she calls me lazy! If I were to do that, it’d be another choir rehearsal. The fridge door was left open. And when I heard the footsteps … continue reading this entry.



I can’t keep my cool in my cubicle. Gary calls me the goofy geek. Donna says I’m her dubious devil. Patrick’s our peaceful prankster. Selena is so serious! From start to finish, I find frustration, fun, fatigued faces, friends and foes. But at the end of the day, I’m a stranger at home.


I held your heart in the cup of my hands. I counted its every palpitation. Remember? You left it asleep on an empty pillow next to me. Once, you left it in the kitchen where you sang, then in the bathroom where you cried. I know you remember when I stayed up, those long cold nights, when it couldn’t sleep. Do you remember that time when you had to go out of town? I cried so hard. I was cut so deep, and you were so touched that you told me that you would leave it there with me. You remember? I know you do, so tell me…why should you EVER take it away?

Fathers’ menopause

I am tempted to follow her pain outside to cheer her up. I am tempted to pick her up when she falls down, but she says, “Daddy, I’m fine. I can take care of myself.”
So I leave her to the city, the source of all evil. I leave her to her boyfriends, their blatant lies, and her fiancé. I leave her to the pervs, the stalkers, the sex offenders that infest the streets where she walks.
I let her go. She will be fine; she told me. And it’s ok because she can take care of herself.

Lucky people

She sat there on the sand, on the beach where she dragged me. She was crying, her eyes to the ground, her fingers drawing sad “smileys”. She started. She told me everything that was wrong in her life. Everything!
And as I hugged her and caressed her soft black hair, I thought of the many, many people that would make me cry like a baby if they had ever told me everything!