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Twitter challenge day 4> Sinners And Saviors : Destination Playground

We were now only 20,000 feet in the air. I was nervous. We were all nervous. What could possibly prepare us for a moment like this? … continue reading this entry.


The backyard

It was a hot  summer day. The boys and the girls all wore swimsuits and swim shorts. Donovan was so happy to have all of his friends in his backyard. Some were playing in the playhouse, and others were making a mess in the small inflated pool. After chasing Margaret and Lowie all over the backyard, everyone wanted to play Marco-Polo. Unfortunately, Natalie had to go because her dad was going to take her shopping for an upcoming trip. After getting tired from Marco- Polo, Donovan’s mom opened the sprinklers, and the running and screaming started anew. They had so much fun that the parents didn’t bother telling them to keep it quiet. As they were playing, however, Russell fell and hurt himself. Donovan’s mom helped treat him with some bandages, but he wouldn’t stop crying and finally she decided that she was going to personally take him home. His cousin Ricky decided to go with him as well. Donovan went inside to get his favorite toys and laid them down on the ground to play with his two best friends Lowie and jumbo (a nickname that stuck with him because he was heavy in nature). They were lost in the world that they created while the other kids ran around the playhouse energetically. Later on, Chrystelle’s mom came to pick her up so that she could get ready for her ballet class. Not long after Margaret’s mom started yelling her name. Apparently, she had told her to play in her own backyard, but she didn’t listen. The boys continued to have fun with their toy soldiers and action figures until it was time to eat. One after another, the kids left; some left one their own, other’s parents yelled out their name and they ran home. Even Jumbo had to leave. Lowie stayed half an hour later, but he was hungry as well. He said goodbye to Donovan and his mom and promised to come back later. Donovan remained on the grass playing with is toys, until he finally grasp the idea that he was all alone. The playhouse was empty; the inflated pool was as good as empty; and the backyard was quiet. He sat there and realized that nothing was as fun anymore now that everyone was gone; even his favorite toys didn’t interest him. He had already missed his friends and wanted them all to be back here. As he sat there all alone thinking, a man wearing a sharp business suit walked towards him. He had no idea who the stranger was. “They left you, didn’t they” the stranger asked. Donovan simply nodded his head. The man asked him for his name, and he said that it was Donovan. The stranger looked surprised and said “you know, that’s my name as well”. The boy smiled at him. “Is that General Green?” said the stranger with excitement in his eyes, “he used to be my favorite action figure!” The boy quickly replied that it was his as well as he handed him his precious toy. The man looked at the toy with a child-like admiration. “Where are your friends” asked the boy to which the man sadly replied “they left me too”. Then time stopped, and the man sat down on the wet floor and played with the boy.