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The following post is preview of a short story that I’m working on. I am really excited to write it even tho I know it will take me a while. But I am trying something new with this. Instead of just writing it down, I am taking an active role as the character and recording what I say then writing it down so that it would sound more natural. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep doing it, but i like that method. This part was actually “written” that way. What do you think?


sneak peek: Live a little

The following entries were recorded from the diary of the late Donovan Jameson.

Wednesday, May 20 2009

My name is Donovan jameson. I find myself having to remind me of who I am. I know that I wrote that I’ve been lost before, that I don’t know who I am, but this is different. This is way different. Is it possible that…you could lose yourself so much that it becomes a reality, that you start actually losing your identity? Some weird things have been going on lately and…I just need to make sure, I need to have it written down that…that I am me. My name is Donovan Jameson. The past two weeks…The past two weeks have been scary.