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Twitter challenge day 4> Sinners And Saviors : Destination Playground

We were now only 20,000 feet in the air. I was nervous. We were all nervous. What could possibly prepare us for a moment like this? … continue reading this entry.



It was the third hour of midnight when the eeriness of the wolves’ cry had become soothing. They tiptoed passed the sleepy eyes of the once menacing woods. The obnoxious moon simply watched. They snuck into the skeleton of a once proud structure. It was almost time to play the game.

Little Ricky was afraid. It had much to do with the fact that he was the youngest. It had more to do with the fact that he may only play the game once.  The boys laid their backpack on the nude soil that already showed signs of swallowing the old house. In their bags, they pulled out metal death. The game was about to begin.

They dipped their small hands in the can of fresh painting, without saying a word. They were so focused, and their thoughts were so loud. Each reciting the future as it’s supposed to happen. Each knowing well that it might not happen at all. They painted their faces with dark stripes, each line a stronger conviction. It was time!

Little Ricky was five. Him and the other boys circled around Michael, who in contrast was ten. A foggy cloud followed after every word he spoke. It was cold. The rules were simple. Everyone knew them; it wasn’t rocket science after all. They plagued their minds ever since they knew about the game. The first rule was this, “last man standing wins”. The second and last rule, at the moment, was the most frightening of them all.

They waited, uncomfortably, while the boy talked- irrelevant wordage. Michael was afraid. He scouted the ruins for a vintage point because he too was aware of the rules. The second rule was this, “as soon as the oldest was done with the introduction, they had 10 seconds to find cover and begin” His words became like tiny grains of sand of an hour glass, until the last grain dropped. Little Ricky ran, his heart first, the death bringer dragging behind. He found a huge pillar, and hugged it with every inch of his body.

Short, muffled silence, then bullets rained from hell, whispering profanity as they went by. He felt the heat coming out of his agitated body, and sweat pored out just as fast as his tears. He quickly peeked and saw the bullets ravage another boy not too far from him, his blood running away from his empty body. Now it was horror creeping into his chest. He lifted the gun, and blind fired, the recoil knocking him away. He quickly ran back, leaving the weapon behind. He heard screaming. Screaming! Loud, tear jerking screams. The he heard some more, and realized that he was not having fun. But the crepitating bullets crept closer slowly nibbling away the pillar he once thought safe. He plugged his ears with his small hands, trying to keep the demons away.

Then he remembered, his hands quickly fiddling about, looking for something. He was trembling all over, making it all the more difficult to reach in his pocket. Making it all the more difficult to realize his enemies desperately changing cover. Then he felt the roundness of the metal in his pocket, and pulled it out. A grenade, He had brought a bomb, A heavy round metal that he held with two hands. He felt the bullets wining over his sanity and he swore he heard footsteps among the chaos. So he got up and pulled the pin.

The grenade flew, and then dove; it rolled, and stopped. The guns bowed and paused their singing. Kaboom! said the dot on the floor with a trillion exclamation points. The old house shook, vomiting rubbles when it stopped.

A small struggle, and little Ricky pushed the small fragments of concrete off him. He was grey, dusty grey. He looked around him, and listened. He heard nothing, he saw plenty. Millions of small body parts scrambled all over, blood red contrasting with the grayish-green concrete. Little Ricky looked around once more. He realized that he was alone. He reached over and grabbed his gun; he got up, shook the dirt off him, lifted the weapon in the air and screamed “I win!”